1. BELOW 30 mm calibre
2. ABOVE 30 mm calibre

ABOVE 30 mm calibre
BELOW 30 mm calibre

What for is designed iGuard ?

In the modern war all armoured vehicles live minutes not hours. Expensive, large size targets have no chances against self targeting small rockets. Unlike other ground systems (slow, large-format, easy to disable with sniper gun) the iGuard platform is much more heavier armoured (STANAG 4 level ) , same time is very mobile, fast and very manoeuvrable at the warfare fields , effective to use, cheaper and much more longer to live . Actually iGuard will have same armour thick and 30 mm gun like most of modern wheeled military vehicles (like STRYKER , BOXER). Being much lower in profile, smaller in size, much more manoeuvrable iGuard will void many treats in the war field and give large assistance power to the ground troops. The platform will not require a special tractor, up to 3 mobile platforms can be attached to the usual military wheeled vehicle , which can be quickly transported and left at the various places for on-call / defence missions. This will allow military operations to be carried out much faster, with a higher capacity and with a much smaller number of troops.